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Ballet and Contemporary Dance Classes

Our ballet classes offer a structured and disciplined approach to dance, focusing on technique, posture, and grace. Students will learn the fundamentals of classical ballet, including barre exercises, center work, and choreography. For our younger dancers, we introduce fun and engaging elements to keep them interested and excited about ballet. Our program is designed to be child-friendly, ensuring that young children enjoy their learning experience while developing strength, flexibility, and coordination.

In contrast, our contemporary dance classes emphasize versatility and self-expression. Combining elements from modern, jazz, lyrical, and classical ballet, contemporary dance encourages creativity and improvisation. These classes focus on fluid movements and connecting the mind and body, allowing students to explore their own unique style and emotional expression. To maximize the benefits of our contemporary dance program, we recommend that students have a 1-2 year foundation in ballet. This foundation will provide them with the essential technical skills and body awareness needed to fully engage with and excel in contemporary dance. Both ballet and contemporary dance classes provide students with valuable skills, whether they seek a rigorous technical foundation or a more expressive and innovative approach to dance.

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Recital Participation

Unlike ballet-only schools, we don’t charge high fees for recital participation. As a performing arts academy, we make it easy for everyone to take part in performances, providing a friendly start for all our students.

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Dance Style Switching

Students can switch to another dance style at no additional cost. This allows them to explore different types of dance, learn various movement techniques, and find new sources of inspiration. It’s a great way for students to discover their new passions.


Flexible Vacation and Make-Up System

We understand that many of our students come from the international community in Tokyo. Our unique system caters to international families who often need to travel back home during summer vacation. With our flexible vacation and make-up system, students can continue their dance education without any interruptions.

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